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smaeulhi, I see a gcc7 or1k-gcc was released, and it produces much nicer code!01:03
smaeulonly problem is that I'm working with hardware that I'm pretty sure doesn't have addc or the carry flag implemented (it's an asic based on an old or1200 revision), so the convert-to-boolean `l.addi r11,r11,-1; l.addic r11,r0,0` doesn't work01:06
smaeulany pointers on what I need to edit to avoid that code generation pattern?01:06
shorneZipCPU: I got the -O2 fixed, but -g dwarf stuff is needing some work05:55
shornesmaeul: thanks for the feedback, I am actually working on a clean room reqrite of gcc right now so I cant really look at that code05:56
shorneI did the gcc7 release without looking at it really other than merging rth's patches05:56
shorneI just had a quick look and it doesn't seem like addc is something that really can be disabled right now it would need a patch05:56
shorneCould you maybe send a mail to the list explaining the issue with the code with how to reproduce? We can ask rth if he can help with a patch.05:57
shorneOr if you are willing to help I can give some pointers05:57
shornegot the -g stuff working, now trying to compile libgcc10:55
ZipCPUDid you need to make any changes to libgcc?11:34
ZipCPUOh, beware the compiler warning, "Here's a quarter, kid.  Get yourself a real CPU!"  It's in there!11:35
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shorneZipCPU: didnt see that yet, I didnt make any chanes other thank libgcc/ so far19:03
shorneI might have to add some crti.S file?19:03
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