IRC logs for #openrisc Monday, 2018-03-19

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shornehello, so I am actually starting the openrisc gcc port now17:18
mafm[m]shorne:  \o/17:21
mafm[m]perhaps one day we'll have a Debian port again ;)17:21
shorneyeah, thats the plan17:22
shorneand glibc etc17:22
shornethe port cant build anything yet17:22
shorneor even build17:22
shornebut its on the way17:22
mafm[m]fantastic news17:23
shornei did that lst night, I hope to get the move/load/store (movsi) instruction and some arithmetic defined tonight17:25
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mafm[m]is it 32-bit only or also 64-bit now?18:03
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