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wtfuzzNuttX is alive on OpenRISC
futarisIRCcloudwtfuzz: Cool. Only on the de0-nano ???00:40
wtfuzzthat's all I've tested it on. I have a few c5g's and de0-nano-soc board around that I'll play with at some point00:41
wtfuzzdeveloped it on a de0-nano with fusesoc (mor1kx, 16550 uart)00:42
_franck_wtfuzz: great ! you could also try to run it on or1ksim06:20
wtfuzz_franck_: thanks, I'll give that a try14:23
wtfuzzSection: .text, vaddr: 0x00000000, paddr: 0x0 offset: 0x00000054, size: 0x0003022c14:33
wtfuzzERR: 8-bit program load out of memory area: 0000000014:33
wtfuzzERR: 8-bit program load out of memory area: 0000000114:33
wtfuzzERR: 8-bit program load out of memory area: 0000000214:33
wtfuzzI get a lot of that when trying to load the ELF with or1ksim14:33
wtfuzzsorry, needed to add -f sim.cfg14:34
wtfuzzother than setting enabled to 1 or sim.cfg, is there anything else I need to do to enable gpio? It keeps raising a bus fault exception any time it tries to access 0x9100000015:10
wtfuzzok, sorted it out. it doesn't support byte writes to the GPIO15:29
wtfuzzthere's a link to a compiled NuttX ELF. type help at the shell prompt15:30
wtfuzzit also works in qemu: qemu-system-or1k -kernel nuttx-or1k-sim.elf -serial stdio -nographic -monitor none16:38
_franck_wtfuzz: it would be awesome if you could write few lines about NuttX configuration/compilation for or1k17:28
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