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shornebeen quiet in here lately, I am working on the gcc rewrite07:58
shornejust making my own dummy gcc backend now07:58
shornemakeing progress07:59
futarisIRCcloudshorne: Cool. ...  I've worked with gcc, about ~10 years ago, doing MaverickCrunch Co processor stuff for the ep93xx.08:51
mafm[m]shorne, that's very cool11:41
mafm[m]You can base your code on other arches btw, they all copy each other11:42
wbxshorne: will you work with gcc7.x or gcc8.x for the rewrite?12:36
shornewbx: I am working on latest master from gcc I guess 818:29
shornemafm[m]: yeah, thats what I have been finding (the most simple one to digest is moxie)18:29
shornefutarisIRCcloud: yeah, and
shorneoh... thats the same link :)18:30
shornethis one too
futarisIRCcloudI haven't looked at openrisc's gcc implementation, or even read the instruction manual, or calling conventions...18:35
shornefutarisIRCcloud: do you want to help?  I want to get the initial bare bones gcc build working then I will post again18:36
futarisIRCcloudshorne: I'll see once the bare bones gcc build is working. Time is always the issue.18:37
shorneyeah, me too 30 minutes, 1 hours here and there is all I can hope for18:37
futarisIRCcloud might be a useful thing to watch, if you haven't already seen it.18:38
shornefutarisIRCcloud: I have been looking for some good video's but havent found much.  This is good18:51
shorneI know Rob, we had dinner a few weeks ago18:52
futarisIRCcloudjuliusb mentioned your gcc rewrite at lunch at lca2018.18:55
shornefutarisIRCcloud: I hope I can deliver :), never did this before, but neither have most peple who started a port...19:52
futarisIRCcloudshorne: That's the spirit. I hadn't done any gcc hacking before the MaverickCrunch stuff either. Just some simple compiler construction stuff at uni. Anyhow, it's much easier if you're only doing gcc, rather than the library and binutils, etc too.20:35
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