IRC logs for #openrisc Monday, 2018-01-29

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shornetheMagnumOrange: this guide is pretty good,
shornecheap fgpas can run the code at 50 mhz08:13
shorneboots linux in about 3 seconds08:13
theMagnumOrangewhat is the fastest clockspeed you can do this on right now?11:25
bandvigtheMagnumOrange: I run my MAROCCHINO pipeline  ( on 75 MHz easily on Spartan-6.12:41
bandvigFrom time to time it becomes possible to increase CPU clock up to 100 MHz12:41
bandvig(with: activation Global optimization option; decrease number of cache ways from 4 to 2; switching DBGU off; etc).12:41
theMagnumOrangeare there any chips coming out that can do 500mhz?12:42
bandvigAFAIK, no such chips.12:43
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