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gr8Hi, I have a question. I am seeing a lot of communities publishing open designs, like open RISC, libreCores etc., but are any of these processors actually manufactured?15:27
gr8I think for some use cases it would actually be beneficial to use 100% open source hardware, down to the processor15:28
gr8e.g. trusted computing, maybe networking devices, research etc.15:28
gr8I think starting a company which offers to manufacture these things could be an interesting business opportunity15:29
gr8or am I missing something?15:30
ZipCPUgr8: To my knowledge, OpenRISC has hit ASIC-silicon.  To my knowledge, it hasn't "taken-off" yet, but it has been placed into silicon.16:56
ZipCPUThe RISC-V processor has also been placed into Silicon.16:56
ZipCPUIf the Lord remains willing, I'll also be placing the ZipCPU into Silicon as well.16:56
gr8ok thanks, I'll look into it. Good night!17:36
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