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blueCmdshorne_: I had a dream tonight that I got an email from you where you solved the copyright issue08:57
blueCmdit was pretty sureal08:58
shorne_blueCmd: I think I might have been having the same dream :), its not solved yet.  What was the solution?09:43
blueCmdshorne_: I woke up before I read it :(09:44
shorne_mafm[m]: the 64-bit mode is just a spec as far as I know. no implementions.  I am not sure I have really seen 64-bit in the spec either09:44
noogahaha, that's what happens in dreams :D09:44
shorne_nooga: how did you generate this trace '[<c01991b4>] ude/asm-generic/dma-mapping-common.hmnao delete nr=%ld' in your gist?09:46
shorne_Current kernel rc version has pretty reliable stack traces if you turn on KALLSYMS and FRAMEPOINTERs09:47
noogai tried turning KALLSYMS on09:48
shorne_or FRAME_POINTER09:48
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noogaalso as complains about unaligned opcode when I try to compile the kernel with dbeug info09:48
shorneI think I fixed that a while ago09:49
shornewhich kernel version?09:49
shorneTry to use current upstream linux stable09:51
shorneThe master branch here is not so good09:51
shorneI have just now switched it to point to for-next instead of master09:52
shorneI should work to pull the feature branches out to another branch and keep them up to date09:53
shorneThings not upstream now include drivers for : ps2, spi, gpio and usb opencores hardware09:55
shorne'for-next' branch is a current linux rc, with patched queued to to upstream during the next kernel merge window09:56
noogaI see09:56
noogaI'm cloning right now09:57
noogawill try to build a more verbose version09:57
shorneyou can clone : git://
noogabut I don't think it will help with the crash itself, I tried running jor1k kernel binaries and they crash in the same way at the same point09:58
noogaand that would indicate a bug in my emu09:59
noogabut it's almost impossible to debug without more details09:59
noogaah, so the torvalds' kernel contains openrisc patches :O10:01
shornebut... interesting on your crash GPR02: ffff9aa010:01
noogayeah, that caught my eye too10:01
shorneso r2 is frame pointer10:02
noogano idea where it's coming from yet10:02
shorneif you have frame pointers enabled... but its strange that its jumping to there10:03
shornecheck instructuions where the strack trace points, maybe some load from r2->r9 and return10:04
shorneand backtrace from there10:05
noogahm, I can try and figure out when r2 gets this value10:12
noogaThere's something weird going on, looks as if format strings were printed out instead of the formatted text10:23
noogaand it crashes earlier than before
nooga(this is upstream kernel built with defconfig and KALLSYMS)10:25
noogaand again this 0xffff.... pattern appears10:55
noogaI can't imagine how is it possible that I see format strings instead of the formatted text, it's almost as if printk was somehow broken13:40
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