IRC logs for #openrisc Saturday, 2017-12-30

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shorne_wbx: I can do it07:19
shorne_Marex: cool, I have been seeing the videos released07:22
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shorne_nooga: the screenshot looks cool, is it all working now?14:24
noogashorne_: I'm stuck, wrote this GUI just to debug the emu because somehow it ends up looping in kernel's __delay subroutine without the timer set up14:26
noogaand the looping part is okay, it's just that the TTMR is always empty because probably something went wrong earlier14:27
noogait's super hard to figure this out, I don't even have a way to inspect the control flow in the kernel apart from staring at or1k-elf-objdump output :D14:30
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