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shorne_Marex: I dont, its just a suggestion now, have you seen something like that before?00:52
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Marexshorne_: maybe you can bend travisci , they have some tier for FOSS projects06:24
Marexshorne_: we use that to build-test uboot06:24
shorne_Marex: we use travisci as well, just for builds07:16
shorne_I have some other things on my todo list, I want to look into this, wallento any thoughts on nightly merge vs rebase?07:17
wallentoshorne: I agree on the idea07:17
wallentobut I am not sure if the rebase shouldn't be a manual step07:17
wallentoMarex, shorne: we will use LibreCores CI for that I suppose07:18
Marexthe rebase can run into conflicts quickly indeed07:48
Marexshorne_: wallento but I'm just a newcomer running my mouth at random, so feel free to ignore me07:49
shorne_wallento: yeah, we can get conflicts, another idea I have is09:11
shorne_ 1. maintain feature branches (for any features that need to go updataem, like linux-next)09:12
shorne_ 2. merge each feature branch onto upstream on a daily bases as openrisc-next.09:12
shorne_that works well for linux, its a bit task since ther are ~200 feature branch repos to pull09:13
shorne_but for us, we will have less than a handful of feature branches09:13
shorne_maybe just or1k-gcc at the moment09:13
shorne_(FYI) I will be testing this out on or1k-gcc to track 7.x, 8.x ... going forward09:14
noogaI'm porting s-macke's jor1k to JVM for giggles and I got my CPU emu to compile but I don't know how to even start testing it16:02
noogaI've seen some tests on openrisc github but I looked through the sim configs there and I fear that running these tests would be more work than writing the emu16:03
ZipCPUnooga: Most of the OpenRISC types work in non-US time-zones.  You might wish to be patient for an answer.  Sometimes responses take nearly 24-hrs or so.17:12
noogathanks ZipCPU17:13
noogaI'm in europe myself ;)17:13
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