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bandvigwallento: I see you update 'upstream' of openrisc/newlib periodically with fresh commits from NewLIB developer's repository.04:08
bandvigwallento: As I'm not very familiar with git, I would ask do you do this manually or some how automatically?04:08
wallentobandvig: Its a cron job on one of my servers04:08
wallentokind of this one: cd /gitmirror/newlib; git pull upstream master; git push mirror upstream04:09
wallentoI use a certificate for this server, but I think actually its better to create a special account04:09
wallentoand to be honest I did this to periodically merge that one into master then, but failed to do that then04:10
bandvigwallento: Could you clarify? Does it mean that upstream of NewLIB could not be merged to OR1K port without collision resolving or merging result couldn't be build?04:19
wallentoit should be possible to merge it automatically04:20
wallentobut in my experience whenever I thought that there is no problem, there always will be one..04:21
wallentoI will probably build a jenkins job that will try it and otherwise send a mail04:21
wallentoits more a matter of the process04:21
wallentoand discipline to fix stuff, as always04:22
bandvigwallento: Well, understood. By the way. Could you organize similar job for 'upstream' of 'openrisc/binutils-gdb'?04:31
bandvigwallento: As OR1K binutils is upstreamed and periodically updated (thank Stafford and others :)), there shouldn't be a problem to build them.04:31
bandvigwallento: OR even use them as default branch.04:31
wallentooh, yeah, that was kind of there before I think. Actually the development model should probably be changed as you say05:19
wallentoeverything upstream should get feature branches off the current master in our repos05:25
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