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shorne_bandvig: as far as I have worked on directly yes, but gcc's __sync_ builtins use it, so any apps using those will use lwa/swa01:01
shorne_also, libc's (uclibc and musl) use lwa/swa in threading and locking support01:02
shorne_the kernel even provides emulation (via illegal instruction handler) in case your implementation doesnt support it01:03
shorne_wbx: I put some patches up05:58
shorne_I am going to test, then maybe we should post to your patchwork?05:59
shorne_The nds32 and arc changes would need acks from those maintainers, do you know if they are very active?06:03
shenki$ qemu-or1k -L ~/dev/buildroot-openrisc/output/target ./tst-syscall606:22
shenkiqemu: Unsupported syscall: 28706:22
shenkifailed to write to fd06:22
shenkishorne_: when i run tst-syscall6 on the target, i get some strange junk after the printf("syscall(SYS_preadv2) read %s") call06:44
shenki# strace ./tst-syscall6 2> /dev/null | hexdump -C06:44
shenki00000000  73 79 73 63 61 6c 6c 28  53 59 53 5f 70 72 65 61  |syscall(SYS_prea|06:44
shenki00000010  64 76 32 29 20 72 65 61  64 20 77 6f 72 6c 64 0a  |dv2) read world.|06:44
shenki00000020  d2 0c 30 10 25 d4 0a                              |..0.%..|06:44
shenkiit doesnt happen when I run the test on my laptop, built natively06:44
shorne_shenki: thanks you are fast to check07:50
shorne_Thats something I expected, but was testing, the buffers written to the file use length strlen(..)07:51
shorne_so it doesnt write the \0 (null terminator)07:51
shorne_I didnt change it because it was also working on my host07:52
shorne_So, I wanted to check on a few more07:52
shorne_I have amended the test commit now08:01
shenkishorne_: nice, looks good now08:06
shorne_shenki: thanks for checking08:15
-!- shorne_ is now known as shorne08:17
shorneI confirmed as well it works on my openrisc target09:05
shorneit took me a while, I built all from scratch09:06
shorneGDB is now upstream09:59
wbxshorne: arc are active, nds32 normally answer when I directly address them.14:11
_franck_shorne: well done14:40
wallentooh, look there, how early the FOSSi Foundation managed to get ORConf arranged this time ;)
wallentosave the date people, we will publicly announce the next edition of ORConf over the next days15:43
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