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shorne_Hello, I'm as this mini Embedded Linux Con Japan02:58
shorne_I am presenting a bit on openrisc, if you want to see some presentation details02:58
mafmshorne_: very nice presentation :)04:10
shorne_mafm: thank you, let me know if you have any feedback04:18
-!- shorne_ is now known as shorne04:18
mafmshorne: not much, as I am mostly an outsider working at higher levels04:29
mafmI was working with blueCmd_ on the Debian port04:30
mafmwe eventually stopped due to the situation with GCC upstreaming/copyright04:30
shornemafm: yeah, its unfortunate, I think we should sent a mail every year to the person missing the copyright assignment04:34
shornemafm: the glibc work made it into uclibc-ng now04:35
shornemarex-cloud: Hello04:39
shorneThere is a README in the kernel on getting openrisc up here:04:40
Marexshorne: hey04:47
shorneMarex: hello, what is marex-cloud?05:01
Marexthat's my alter ego :)05:02
blueCmd_shorne: the guy knows - he just actively doesn't want to sign it08:33
blueCmd_made a business around it not being upstreamed or something odd like that08:34
blueCmd_that's what he believes anyway08:34
mafmblueCmd_: is he still in that business?09:26
mafmblueCmd_: maybe at some point he stops caring?09:27
blueCmd_he owns the company so I doubt it09:30
mafmblueCmd_: I mean that he moves away to other business, retires, starts to use mips cores (now free from patents, I understand) or risc-v...09:31
mafmmaybe he will not do it in spite of that?09:32
blueCmd_don't know, doubt he will change his mind09:33
mafmblueCmd_ :(09:36
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