IRC logs for #openrisc Saturday, 2017-11-25

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shorne_wbx: ok, I just see a few of the patches from master or1k-glibc missing so its kind of strange01:14
shorne_I am getting them added back01:15
shorne_I am still stuck on pthread_cancel not working,  I am pretty sure now its tls not working01:15
shorne_ok, i think I got it01:29
shorne_let me try this patch...01:30
shorne_It seems to work!01:34
shorne_testing with full tests now01:34
shorne_so far so good, waiting for results01:49
shorne_Total skipped: 803:13
shorne_Total failed: 1903:13
shorne_Total passed: 44403:13
shorne_that looks better03:13
wbxshorne_: great!08:43
wbxshorne_: good timing, belgian release beer are ready to go ;)08:43
shornerohitksingh: i created a PR you might be interested in
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