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wbxshorne: hi. did the fork fix worked? should I test and merrge?02:02
mafm[m]shorne: if you didn't get a reply, perhaps you're more successful with mail02:26
shorneshorne: no, I think there are still some more issues07:23
shornewbx: I mean, you ^07:23
shornemafm[m]: right, I will email blueCmd, I had a bit of time to look at the patches and history, it looks like he used to have a or1k-eglibc repo07:24
blueCmdshorne: hello07:28
blueCmdeglibc was discontinued so that never went anywhere. but there is an or1k-glibc if that helps you07:29
blueCmdthe patches were never upstreamed as there was no gcc that could build them. the gcc upstream was pending some legal stuff that sadly got stuck07:29
blueCmdbut the patches are still out there if you want them07:30
blueCmdprobably contain a handful of bugs, but it was enough to run debian07:30
shorneblueCmd: hello, I was asking about your glibc work07:36
shorneI see you responded :)07:36
shornewbx: I am trying to help wbx with his uclibc port07:37
shorneblueCmd: I mean you, sorry kind of too tired to type07:37
shorneblueCmd: I am helping with the uclibc nptl issues, it looks like he started from a strange patch series and is missing a log of your fixes07:38
shorneI was thinking to pull your patches into uclibc... if that is ok?07:39
shorneblueCmd: as for the eglibc patches, where did those come from originally?  Did you do all of the port, or was it Jonas? or stekern ?07:40
shorneblueCmd: the patch wbx pulled in originally is here:
blueCmdshorne: yeah, sure - if it helps you use whatever08:23
blueCmdshorne: I did all the port for eglibc08:23
blueCmdit was based on the architectures already present in eglibc08:23
shorneblueCmd: cool, thank you08:30
wbxshorne_: if you have any patches, we can add it incrementally step by step.15:40
wbxshorne_: so I have choosen a wrong git repo or branch for my initial import :/15:41
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