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shorne_wbx: I think I found another issue,  in libpthread/nptl/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/or1k/fork.c07:48
shorne_passing childtid in the 5th param is not right on or1k, it should be 4th param07:48
shorne_other archs have it backwards, but openrisc is standard07:49
shorne_clone(unsigned long clone_flags,07:49
shorne_unsigned long newsp,07:49
shorne_int __user * parent_tidptr,07:49
shorne_int __user * child_tidptr,07:49
shorne_unsigned long tls)07:49
shorne_I am testing it out07:50
shorne_you can see that in man 2 clone, under C library/kernel differences07:51
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