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shornewbx: ok, I am trying to build my openadk with my uclibc-ng but having a hard time.  How can I change the package source?12:03
shorneI updated : toolchain/uclibc-ng/Makefile.inc12:05
shorne-PKG_SITES:=            git://
shorneIll try it again12:11
shornewbx: with regards to atomics, it might be the case that you are using old kernels or qemu.  We got the atomic instructions into qemu about 5 months ago. (before it would have failed)12:12
shorneAlso, recent kernels have added support for emulating the atomic instructions when they are detected in illegal instruction exceptions12:12
shorneok, I think got got it to pull my version of uclibc-ng finally12:30
shorneI updated the PKG_GIT to says branch and version to be master12:31
shornetests running12:35
shorneok, tst-barrier* is passing but still getting some fails with tst-cancel*12:59
wbxshorne: is qemu 2.10.1 new enough?14:36
wbxshorne: i can try with some newer kernel. latest 4.13 would be okay?14:37
shorne]Total skipped: 817:53
shorneTotal failed: 9817:53
shorneTotal passed: 36517:53
shorneyeah qemu 2.10x and 4.13 should work17:54
shornethose were my results17:54
shornestill some things to fix17:54
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