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shornewbx: thanks, sorry for no replies, I am making a bit of progress, just getting familiar with the uclibc code and build01:53
shorneI notice the libc-tls.c for openrisc is not included in the Makefile.arch01:53
shornenot sure if that is right01:53
wbxshorne: hey no problem, it is great that you help looking into it.02:07
wbxshorne: good catch. it reference a .S which does not exist02:08
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shornewbx: just one tip, we can use user mode qemu to test/debug these issues as well it seems17:00
shornehave a look:
wbxshorne: but is there a difference or benefit between strace in qemu-system and qemu user with -strace?21:42
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