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shorneThere is an interesting article about Litex here
shorneThere is one thing mentioned at the end: " its current state, is probably best suited for people trained to write software who want to design hardware, rather than for people classically trained in circuit design .."08:09
shorneI have been working with mithro on Litex and I see where that is coming from.08:10
shorneI commented on that post and mentioned FuseSoC :)08:48
wbxshorne: the test results for uClibc-ng running in Qemu are really bad. (115 errors). i think the old NPTL port for glibc was'nt merged in a good way. could you help solving some of the runtime errors seen?14:17
mithroshorne: I'm a software engineer who occasionally pretends to do hardware like things :-P15:32
shornemithro: me too (with a bit of traditional hardware background) :)17:55
shornemithro: also, you and the team are able to do amazing things with Litex so I am not knocking it at all17:55
mithroshorne: it's like that democracy quote..17:56
shornewbx: how can I help? any specific versions I should be checking?17:57
mithro'Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.'17:57
shornemithro: sounds like a lot of stuff in engineering18:04
mithroYeah :-)18:04
mithroshorne: I'm hoping to hook FuseSoC and LiteX together at some point18:05
mithroMy general goal is to bring people together as much as possible18:12
shornemithro: thats a good goal, you should come to orconf next year18:37
mithroshorne: Where will orconf be next year, do you know yet?18:42
wbxshorne: latest release 1.0.26 and uclibc-ng-test master. i disabled some tests with deadlocks, so that testrunner can finish. qemu 2.9.0, i should update.20:55
shornewbx: what linux version?23:29
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