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mor1kx[mor1kx] skristiansson closed pull request #54: Make PCU work at all, and then make it work correctly (master...master)
rain1hello im not sure if i should ask this here or #riscv, so asking in both15:46
rain1is there (non-fpga) hardware out now that one can run something like risc linux on yet?15:46
shorne_rain1: for riscv, openrisc, I would say no16:53
shorne_there is mips hardware16:54
shorne_wen you say 'risc' there is not a generic 'risc' linux, the risk processors are all different architectures16:54
shorne_linux architectures:
shorne_arm is risc (rasberry pi)16:55
shorne_some mips boards16:57
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