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shornehello, I am familiar with altera but now I have some xilinx boards10:01
shornewhat version of vivado do I need?10:01
shornethere are a few it seems10:02
shorneit seems for Artix 7 I need Vivado HLx Design Edition?10:02
ZipCPUshorne: I'm currently using v2016.314:14
ZipCPUDigilent likes to suggest folks use 201x.4, although whether or not that's good or bad is open for discussion.14:14
ZipCPUas for "which" edition ...14:15
ZipCPUthe file I downloaded was Xilinx_Vivado_DSK_2016.3...Lin64.bin14:15
ZipCPULooks like today's version would be Vivado HLx 2017.314:16
shorneZipCPU: thanks, thats what I ended up having, its just the docs that came with my board say nothing about HLx...20:42
shorneso its a bit confusing20:42
shorneWhy do they need so many editions20:43
ZipCPUBecause they are trying to sell you ever newer and ever better chips.20:43
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