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stekernshorne: usually, strings aren't split (because that makes it hard to grep for them)01:35
shornestekern: thanks, yeah thats why I was thinking what is best07:18
shornethe guys in #gdb suggested07:18
shorne        sim_io_eprintf \07:18
shorne          (sd, "WARNING: unsupported %s field in %s register: 0x%x\n", \07:18
shorne        sim_io_eprintf \07:19
shorneI mean...07:19
shornein both cases not breaking that actual string07:19
shornestekern: there where a recent PR i made to (it seems orpsoc-cores is dead)09:21
shorneduring the PR it was suggested to add a version for wb_sdram_ctrl since so far we used random git sha's and just set r1, r2 etc09:22
shorneDo you mind I but a tag v1.0 or something else in the repo and point the fusesoc core to that?09:23
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