IRC logs for #openrisc Saturday, 2017-10-07

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shorneHello, I made an orpsoc-cores pr for the multicore stuff, either we can discuss here or on github.  There is a lot of stuff there, I am not sure what you guys feel about cleaning it up.02:41
shorneI think de0-nano and ompic are good at least.02:41
shorneHi all, I created this page05:23
shorneAfter some discussion with mithro I notices we didnt document the mor1kx parameters05:24
mithroshorne: should we add it the actual code?05:42
juliusbbrilliant idea05:55
juliusbnice work!05:55
shornemithro: yeah, It would be good to have in the repo, and maybe generated from the code06:16
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