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mtn2shorne: I am more worried about connecting to debug unit. I see they are specific to target FPGA for the de0Nano version of the core. (Sorry for the delayed reply- it was long weekend here)02:30
mtn2DDR controller is not a problem. I do have old version of Bexys4 which is without DDR02:32
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mtn2Wondering what is the max clock speed attained (expected) for mor1kx for ASIC (please mention which technology) implementation ?04:30
shornemtn2: I wrote this tutorial about connecting to the debug unit with openocd,
shorneit might not be the best since I just did it to note things I need to remember, but does that help?08:51
shorneI have always run mor1kx at 50mhz, its "good enough" for me, booting linux in about 3 second (after image load)08:51
mtn2shrone: Thanks a lot. Let me go through your debug tutorial.09:28
mtn250 Mhz in which fpga?. For ASIC I see 250 Mhz for 180nm 6 metal layer process. . We have a 65nm library - if 250 Mhz is true for 180nm, then at 65nm should able to hit close to 1Ghz09:31
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