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shornestekern: Hello, I am just about ready to send the SMP patches for review on the kernel08:28
shorne1. The timer sync stuff is working (both on fpga and qemu)08:29
shorne(using the mips method of using locks and loops)08:29
shorne2. I think the last I need to do is fixups the comments on the cache flush08:30
shornepatches are here:
shorneI just had some request for comment from you on a few things08:30
shorne - most of the patches I have squashed and rewrote/cleaned up/commented etc08:31
shorne - I have left a few patches under your name08:31
shorne  o use shadow gprs08:31
shorne  o adding ompic (I implemented the atomic mask based event queue)08:32
shorne  o Initial SMP support08:32
shorne  o SMP device tree (I added a defconfig too)08:33
shorne  - 4 under your name, 9 mine, 1 cache flush jan weinstock08:34
shorneare you ok with that? since I have modified slightly your original patches08:35
shorneAnother is ompic, do you think it should have a vendor tag for devicetree like 'opencores,ompic'?  I rather not, so I left it off, but do you think there kernel guys will complain?08:38
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stekern_shorne: I'm ok with that14:18
stekern_dunno about the organization tag. it's not associated with opencores in any way14:19
shorne_stekern_: thats what I thought on the organization tag, perhaps openrisc? or fusesoc, or librecores or something20:09
shorne_buts I dont thinks its really related to those as You did it independent20:09
shorne_Just something to think about20:10
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