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juliusbwhoops, somehow became disconneted, freenode reckons "You are banned from this server- Spam is off topic on freenode." Not sure who I was spamming while lurking, maybe I've been compromised? I swear I don't surf dodgy sites through this server...08:29
shornejuliusb: You never spammed me fwiw08:43
juliusbyeah, interesting, perhaps the botnet targetted others...09:01
juliusbWill look into getting logs back in sync tomorrow, might need stekern's help as usual, his log should be at the predictable place09:01
ZipCPUjuliusb: If you struggle, I've been on here since 17 August without interruption, and I can copy/paste the log I have into wherever you need it.09:08
stekernjuliusb: I was k-lined as well, dunno what they've been smoking16:00
Finde02:40:35<-->kline (~kline@freenode/staff/enucs.kline): [global notice] Additionally, while working to minimise this spam, staff error led to the majority of the network receiving a temporary K-Line (network ban). The ban has since been lifted and those affected should be able to reconnect. Please accept our apologies, and contact us if you, or someone you know, still cannot connect.16:47
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