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ZipCPUwallento: Welcome to Digilent's forums!  ;)07:41
ZipCPUI've also got a Nexys Video board that I'm working with, so I'll look forward to whatever answer you get.07:42
ZipCPUOf course ... I don't use any of the Vivado debugging features ... so I wouldn't know what answer to give you.07:42
wallentothanks, ZipCPU, I am just wondering if they have something top secret in their code, but I doubt it08:45
wallentothe second port is dead when sync FIFO is on08:45
wallentooh, yeah, and the JTAG port can be used instead then08:49
wallentoIt is a real pity all this stuff is closed source08:49
ZipCPUWhy not create an open sourced version?  I know of individuals who have reverse engineered it sufficiently to replace the Digilent specific interfaces.08:51
ZipCPUThe hardware is (roughly) known, and the libraries are published ... shouldn't be too hard to do.08:52
wallentothats what we do08:57
wallentojust saves me some time knowing its the default firmware and nothing fancy08:58
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