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promachWhat is the purpose of the busy signal here at ? this is about reorder buffer mechanism04:42
promachEntry 1 ->  2: BUSY = no04:42
promachEntry 3 ->10: BUSY = yes04:42
promachWhy ?04:42
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shornepromach: I am not sure, I havent really looked at fpu before20:08
shornebandvig I think is the expert, it seems he is away now20:09
shornepromach: oh... this is not from openrisc spec , this is from "Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach"20:11
shornethere is a long explaination of this reorder buffer here...21:18
shorneInterestingly they dont mention the busy status21:18
shornepromach: I think here busy=yes means instruction in the reorder buffer slot is not executed21:23
shorneor not committed21:23
shorneDown below in the pseudo code it shows as 'ROB[b].Ready <- No'21:25
shorneAlso, the comment says first 2 instructions are committed21:27
shorne(but shown for completeness) meaning those reorder buffer slots are actually empty21:27
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