IRC logs for #openrisc Saturday, 2017-05-27

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windelNot sure if this is the right place to ask, but I am looking for a bare metal example for usage with qemu-system-or1k10:47
windelDoes anyone has a good reference to a sample project that puts a char to stdout for example?10:51
windelGot it!11:25
ZipCPUGlad I could help.  ;)11:36
shorne_if windel comes back I think he is just looking for a hello world program17:57
shorne_but I think it needs special compiling17:58
shorne_compiling with newlib toolchain provides what looks like a good binary but for some reason qemu wont load it18:06
shorne_well, maybe not, it runs fine I debugged it, but the uart write doesnt see to go to the console18:17
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