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shorne_wbx: thanks for having a look.  What test do you see the nptl issues? I dont seem to see those06:16
shorne_FAIL tst-timerfd06:18
shorne_FAIL errno got 139 expected 006:18
shorne_FAIL tst-utmp got 1 expected 006:18
shorne_"Linux version 4.9.22-1 (wbx@vopenadk) (gcc version 5.4.0 (GCC) )"06:19
shorne_Do you have the test results with gcc 7?06:20
wbxi can upload them later08:00
wbxbut the testscripts exists on the segfaults08:01
wbxso no complete run. i only checking linuxthreads right now.08:01
shorne_wbx: ok, I see09:52
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