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shorneHello, someone sent me some verilog offline (i guess not open source) with an altera pll 50->100mhz defined inside the modules05:28
shorneis there are way to simulate a multiplier pll in simulation (i.e. some special thing in iverilog?)05:28
shorneIf not I will just add 2 input clocks to the top level module05:29
seankin the OpenRISC manual, when it says14:03
seank"the stack grows down from high addresses" does a high address mean something like 0xFFFF or 0x000?14:03
ZipCPUSomething like 0xfffff14:04
ZipCPUSecond match scores, 235-215: Blue alliance wins.  1-1 means the FTC robotics world championship competition will go into a 3rd sudden death elimination round.14:07
seankis there any better documentation explaning the stack pointer and frame pointer besides the manual?14:08
ZipCPUI haven't seen the frame pointer as well described on wikipedia.14:10
ZipCPUThe GCC internals document sort of explains that.14:10
ZipCPUReading through GCC generated assembly usually works as well.14:10
seankdoes this image show the correct stack layout?
ZipCPUSorry ... my web-browser's busy ...14:19
ZipCPUWatching the finals match of the FTC robotics world championships ...14:19
seankis there a method of monitoring the stack without the use of gdb?15:46
seankdoes the previous frame pointer value equal the value of the bottom of the stack for the last routine?16:03
ZipCPUThat's one method.16:07
seankin the assembly language, what does the comments "SI store" and "addsi3" mean17:02
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