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wallentoshorne: :)04:03
sean_kis there a method of using GDB for openrisc cross compilation?14:25
ZipCPUShould be.  The team has been working hard on getting GDB up and running for OpenRISC.14:26
sean_ki run into trouble getting gdb to work since it cannot handle system calls14:27
sean_kbetter yet, the `or1k-elf-gcc` cannot handle linux system calls14:28
wallentowhat do you mean by "handle" sean_k?15:30
wallentooh, he left15:30
shornesean_k: (if they come back) system calls requires special 'linux' support in gdb. We havent implemented that yet.16:41
shorneBut I have run gdb on regular binaries with system calls and didnt really have issues16:41
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