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shorneanyone ever work on the proper procedure for shutting down an openrisc machine?04:43
shornethe power management unit will just stop the cpu... but I guess ideally the system would need to hardware to cut power04:44
wbxshorne: okay. i will keep the patch for my testing stuff. need to document my qemu stuff anyway, as I have a lot o exceptions for the different architectures. (nios2, xtensa, metag, ..)07:08
stekernshorne: that08:23
stekern's more platform specific than arch specific08:23
stekernhow you shutdown08:23
stekernas you say, you'll need to cut the power from regulator08:24
shornestekern: yeah, I am thinking it would be something like 1. turn of interrups 2. signal power regulator chip to shut down power 3. put cpu info power mode suspend10:34
shornethe part 2 (provided by platform) will actually shut down10:34
shornesorry too many typos its late at night...10:35
stekernI don't think you can have any steps after 2.11:07
stekernand 2. is usually handled by a PMIC driver11:09
shornestekern: yeah, I was kind of wondering about if step 2 would take 1 cycle to turn off the power... or maybe its a bit slower, so might as well stall the cpu in case17:15
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