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shornemithro: in that case its almost exactly the same as the kernel stuff03:33
shornethey follow the same model with the format-patch, send-email git commands03:34
shorneFor the openrisc stuff you send to the list then I will ack and put on my queue03:34
shorne(I am qemu openrisc maintainer too now)03:35
shornethen during next merge window (I tink next week) I will send PR03:35
shornePR is via email03:35
mithroshorne: Okay, looking at that PR now04:38
mithroshorne: I need to figure out the best way to rebase all my litex hardware changes from the old qemu onto the new qemu04:39
shornemithro: if the original base is old it might be painful05:03
shornethe openrisc stuff should be easy enough to keep separate05:03
mithroshorne: It's mostly self contained hardware05:03
shornejust run 'git rebase -i v2.9.0-rc4' ?05:04
shornemithro: have you ever dealed with qemu savevm loadvm state saving stuff?05:08
mithroshorne: Nope!05:08
shorneI am trying it out for openrisc, it seems the serialization logic is missing a lot of definitions05:08
shorneso doesn't work05:09
wbxshorne: is the poweroff qemu issue accepted upstream?05:11
mithroI've cargo culted all the saving/loading state stuff in the peripherals I've look at so far05:12
wbxshorne: i mean the fix, not the issue ;)05:13
shornemithro: yeah, I did the same.. but then I wnt to test it and it didnt work05:15
shorneso... maybe I need to actually figure out and make a new patch to fix it05:15
mithroshorne: I've rebased those changes in that pull request now05:15
shornewbx: I was going to push upstream at the next qemu merge window05:16
mithroshorne: Just figuring out the process for running the patch checking scripts05:16
shorneit should open soon05:16
wbxshorne: ah, okay. 2.9 will be released soon.05:16
shornewbx: yes, so it wont make 2.905:17
mithroshorne: The "subsystem" in the commit messages should be "target/openrisc" rather than "target-openrisc" now right?05:17
shornemithro: I usually look at what previous commits here05:19
shorneI think target/openrisc is what I saw05:19
shornebut your target-openrisc is fine with me05:19
shornebut I guess to be consistent...05:19
mithroshorne: Yeah - it use to be target-openrisc when that was the directory name it seems05:20
shorneyeah, it looks like that is the standard now 'target/ppc: update ca32 in arithmetic add'05:21
shornesome of my patches still need description cleanups05:21
mithroshorne: So, scripts/ seems to be happy with the exception vectoring patches05:42
mithroshorne: If you want to take one more look at them, I'll send them out to the mailing list tomorrow morning05:42
shornemithro: ill check your github repo..05:50
mithroshorne: Okay great - I'm going to call it a night now05:51
mithroHave a good evening everyone!05:55
shornemithro: good night05:55
homelessHi Guys, I have been trying to build FreeRTOS using new toolchain. However, I am getting a linker error.17:45
homelessThe error is: OpenRISC_SIM_GCC/../../Source/croutine.c:230: undefined reference to `vPortDisableInterrupts'17:46
homelessI am getting error on this line of Makefile:17:52
homeless@$(LD) -o $@ $(LDFLAGS) --start-group $(ARCH_ASM_OBJ) $(PORT_ASM_OBJ) $(PORT_OBJ) $(RTOS_OBJ) $(DEMO_OBJ) $(APP_OBJ) $(LIBS) --end-group17:52
homelessI checked the definition of "vPortDisableInterrupts" function. It exists and it was compiled.17:54
homelessCould you help me out here? Thanks.17:54
homelessForgot to tell you: I changed all or32 to or1k in all the source codes and scripts17:55
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