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psychotropeis there anyway to test out compiling and running programs on openRISC before going out an buying a DE0-Nano or similar FPGA?17:30
psychotropeI looked into the VM mentioned on opencores but the link was dead17:30
shornethere are two17:46
shornelatest from qemu works pretty well too17:46
shornebut only for linux apps and kernels, not so good for bare metal17:46
shornedone use opencores, check the links here
shorneThe official simulator is
shorneto run it you have to use 'sim -f <path to or1k-src or kernel?>/or1ksim.cfg' <binary>17:48
shornethe or1ksim.cfg you can find in one of the projects17:48
psychotropeshorne: so I could fire up openRISC on qemu and run a linux kernel and compile a program there? Sweet22:23
psychotropeI like free things22:24
psychotropeshorne: know of any guides for setting up openRISC on qemu?  I've heard of the software, but I'm not familiar with it22:24
wbxpsychotrope: you have the choice: Buildroot or OpenADK, both builds linux systems for Qemu-system for OpenRISC22:28
wbxpsychotrope: both have a complete handbook explaining in detail how to use it.22:29
wbxpsychotrope: buildroot does not support native compiling.22:29
psychotropewbx: in an openRISC-specific enviroment? or general use22:29
wbxpsychotrope: on a development pc to create openrisc kernel + applications running in Qemu22:30
psychotropeso I'd use these tools to do what exactly?22:30
wbxpsychotrope: both create a cross-toolchain for you22:30
psychotropesoory for being a noob here22:30
wbxpsychotrope: to create a complete Linux Kernel including Busybox and f.e. GnuPG to run in System emulation of Qemu for OpenRISC22:31
psychotropewhat about a file system and I/O.  How would that be handled22:31
psychotropethanks though :)22:32
wbxpsychotrope: as I said, it generates a complete system. I mostly only tested Kernel+Piggyback initramfs22:32
wbxpsychotrope: I am not sure if Qemu System Emulator emulates a hard disk22:32
psychotropeI still have alot ot learn about the openRISC enviroment, but I want to get as close to real simulation as I can before I buy a DE0-nano and try to build an independent general purpose linux device22:34
wbxpsychotrope: i have not tested any block devices and have not looked if there is emulation for that22:34
wbxpsychotrope: to cross-compile Linux and apps you can start with the mentioned buildsystems today.22:34
psychotropemy main concern is, for all the documentation I have seen, examples with the DE0-Nano show people putting linux directly into RAM and running from there22:34
wbxpsychotrope: even without real hardware, to learn what you can create with the tools22:35
wbxpsychotrope: i have a de0-nano, but had not yet started trying the OpenRISC bitstream on it.22:35
psychotropeI want some way to boot linux from fixed storage, and then have and open files from there22:35
wbxpsychotrope: out of the box there is not block device, so you need to put your rootfs in RAM.22:36
psychotropeand I assume I'd be writing to RAM over jtag?22:37
psychotrope*noob questions*22:37
wbxpsychotrope: i am not sure if you can create a FPGA bitstream with a SD-Host controller and attach some real sd-card to it for permanent storage.22:37
psychotropeAh, see thats what I'd be interested in, something like a hardware storage controller rolled into my FPGA22:37
wbxi think there is a small flash on the device where you put the bitstream, the bootloader and your Linux kernel + initramfs.22:38
wbxyou put all nto the device with a USB cable connection to your development pc22:38
psychotropeI'd heard about that, but I didn't know if  it had space for the programs I want to run.22:38
psychotropesince a video is worth 1000 words, this is my goal with openrisc:
wbxi don't know either. I am a FPGA beginner.22:39
psychotropea viable system with basic filesystem and I/O22:39
wbxi didn't manage to create a NIOS2 bitstream with the Altera tools, yet.22:40
psychotropewbx: do have any guide that you could reccomend that would take a noob from start to finish with getting a basic openRISC setup running under Qemu?23:05
psychotropeI have no experience with Qemu to date23:05
psychotropeor the tools you linked (ofc)23:05
psychotropeso the openRISC website has a great online simulator tool for openRISC, I'll use this for now23:48
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