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wallentostekern: a few months now, nice feature indeed02:02
wallentoI just felt like using it after reading the commits :)02:03
shorneHello, I sent a patch for the cgen binutils definition of openrisc07:34
shorneI am not too familiar with the whole model, so I would like to get any feedback I can07:35
stekernwallento: yeah, after using gerrit at work, I've felt github have previously been lacking a bit from that workflow (and I've had similar experience the other way around). But it feels like github is picking up the slack09:20
wallentostekern: oh, yeah, I also like these new scrum-ish projects10:31
olofkshorne: Sorry. I've never touched the cgen stuff. juliusb did much of the rewrite IIRC17:09
olofkOr Peter Gavin17:09
olofkJeremy Bennett might be helpful too17:10
olofkOh and stekern or wallento might have some input17:10
olofkBut not me :)17:10
olofkOh. For anyone interested in the future of FuseSoC, I've written down some design ideas for the next version of the .core files here
olofkrah: Yeah. I agree that one should be careful about putting too much confidence into a third-party site. The OpenRISC community has suffered that already with being lost and the bug tracker on opencores taken down17:16
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