IRC logs for #openrisc Friday, 2017-02-10

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shornewallento: no update yet on the newlib stuff, it seems the mailing list is a bit quiet07:52
wallentoyeah, that happens sometime, shorne08:29
wallentocorinna will most probably pick it up next week08:29
wallentomaybe send a reminder if nothing happens until end of the week08:29
shornewallento: sounds good08:42
shorneI found a gdb bug when doing the qemu testing, its specific to the gdb native sim08:42
shorneBtw, I was searching the openrisc lists for some stuff, I noticed the kernel, gdb, etc mails are dominating the list right now08:43
shornesorry all for the noise08:43
shorneBUG: the gdb sim does not support the ppc register udpates.  So it causes delay slot detection to fail.08:44
shorneif anyone is interested:
-!- blueCmd_ is now known as blueCmd16:04
ZipCPUWell ... opencores isn't completely dead.  There's a post today from "ocadmin" that they are debugging a problem "now", so ... the site can't be completely dead (yet).19:32
ZipCPUIt's only mostly dead.  ;)19:32
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