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olofkI hope you haven't been talking while I was gone06:02
stekernonly things you were not supposed to hear ;)06:29
ZipCPU|Laptopolofk: You've missed a lot ... ;)07:46
olofkZipCPU|Laptop: Congratulations on your 8-bit bytes :)07:52
ZipCPU|LaptopStill working on it, but I do have "Hello World" running in a simulator now.07:52
ZipCPU|LaptopThat includes newlib too ... so that's a big step forward from anywhere I've been before07:52
_franck_is there a way to just browse projets on librecores ?09:17
imphil_franck_, unfortunately not at the moment, I'm planning to finish this change on the weekend09:46
_franck_imphil: ok thanks09:46
imphil_franck_, if there's anything specific you're looking for I can maybe get it for you another way09:47
_franck_nothing special, just curious about the content already there09:50
ZipCPUimphil: I have some things specifically that I'd like to see ...10:06
ZipCPUI'd like to be able to click on something and pull up all projects having a wishbone interface.  Perhaps this could even be subdivided into those with wishbone master and wishbone slave interfaces.10:06
ZipCPUI'd like to be able to click and get all projects implementing a specific external interface: UART, I2C, SPI, SDIO, RII, RMII, etc.10:07
imphilZipCPU, probably tags will be a good way to categorize and search for such projects10:07
ZipCPUTags would be wonderful!  Even better if there's a list of "official" tags that repository owners may choose from, or create their own.10:08
imphilZipCPU, there's already some work being done on that:
imphilZipCPU, exactly that's the plan, I think @wallento has already some early code on that in the works10:08
ZipCPULooking at the page you cited, I agree wholeheartedly with wallento.  I like his ideas and proposal.10:10
imphilZipCPU, good that our ideas match actual needs :) I hope this feature isn't too far away, things are picking up speed these days.10:11
ZipCPUI hope so.  The promise of librecores was wonderful, but I'm still waiting/hoping it will surpass opencores in terms of utility.10:12
ZipCPUI should point out, though, opencores hasn't been idle either.  While they aren't expanding on their capabilities, they are at least debugging and fixing things that have broken over time.10:12
ZipCPUimphil: One of the things opencores offered was a e-mail forwarding system, so that open cores developers could get e-mails sent to their user name.  Is there any plans for that type of capability in librecores?10:13
imphilZipCPU, no, no plans for that. I think others are better equipped providing mailing services than we are (a rather tricky business to be in btw). I think the end result is the same if users just click on a @gmail or whatever email address on a user profile page.10:15
ZipCPUOk, sure enough, it never ended up being anonymized enough anyway ... ;)10:16
ZipCPUI mean ... my e-mail provider always forced me to set the From: field to my actual e-mail anyway, so ... the anonymous address just got things here initially, but provided no more anonymity than that.10:17
wallento@ZipCPU: I did some research on tags and I am pretty optimistic we can get that done soon10:20
ZipCPUThank you, wallento.  I look forward to seeing what you are coming up with.10:23
wallentogreat stuff ahead10:49
ZipCPUwallento: You have a "licensing committee"?10:51
wallentoyes, it is new10:52
wallentoas a followup to the discussion on the mailing list last year10:52
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