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stekernshorne_: did you notice the kbuild failure? that is using an ancient toolchain. not sure what the process to make that use a more recent one is06:32
stekernah, I see that you had a separate mail discussion about that06:39
shorne_stekern: I sent a few mails to them asking to update toolchain07:07
shorne_I didnt get any reply from any of them yet.  If they need new binaries I can help07:07
shorne_I agree they are using an ancient chain07:07
shorne_I think its reasonable we ask them to upgrade the toolchain, if I need to do the work I can do07:08
shorne_looks like its this07:17
shorne_The script downloads them from here :
stekernI think it might have been guenter that added them there originally, but I'm not certain08:31
shorne_stekern: yeah, I think I can do it, might as well setup our github travis build to run these too09:04
stekernthat would be good10:41
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