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shorneits been very quiet around here08:35
ZipCPUI have some fun news!08:35
ZipCPUI just rebuilt the ZipCPU for 8-bit characters, and then measured the LUT count difference.08:36
ZipCPUIt's minimal.08:36
ZipCPUOn all of the designs I've worked with before, things still fit and timing still closes.08:36
shornethats good08:36
ZipCPUI'm still in the process of building/testing GAS/GCC/Newlib with this new change, but ... it's just a matter of time before everything works.08:37
ZipCPUFor example, hello world will compile today on the new architecture.  I don't know (yet) whether or not it will work, but it will compile.  That means binutils, gcc, newlib, all also compile and contribute.08:37
stekernZipCPU: that's cool, and I'm not that surprised that the lut count didn't increase that much10:15
ZipCPUThanks!  I hadn't measured it, it was becoming an issue, so I figured I'd at least try and measure it.10:15
shornespamming with gdb patches22:06
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