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shornestekern: I wrote this script a while ago for looking at openrisc kernel stack traces06:04
shorneBasically it adds symbols to the stack trace by looking at a file06:04
shorneI am not really planning to commit to to the kernel since I think we should be able to pull these symbols at runtime06:06
shorneDid you ever use anything like this?06:06
olofk_webshorne: Is CONFIG_OR1K_OR1200 enabled for mor1kx as well?06:22
juliusb_shorne: neat06:28
juliusb_I reckon I've done something like that to annotate raw PC traces from a simulation. But certainly not in Perl :p06:29
shorne_olofk: yes, Its enabled for everything by default now, there are no other options. But Jonas asked for it07:22
ZipCPU|LaptopAnyone else get the error when updating to that the SVN server is out of disk space?  Ouch!07:58
shorne_ZipCPU|Laptop: I dont think anyone else still uses svn. I thought we tried to discourage that at orconf this year.09:32
shorne_So you might not get many others with the same issue09:33
ZipCPUshorne_: Yes, we tried to discourage that at ORCONF, however ... opencores still claims a lot of traffic volume, and they've been actively working to (re-)implement their site over the last many months.09:47
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juliusb_ZipCPU: is that right? OpenCores re-doing the site?20:32
ZipCPUjuliusb_: I've seen changes with the site over the last several months.  I'm not sure I'd say they are "redoing" it, it feels more like they are in the22:13
ZipCPUprocess of getting a "rehost" of it to work.  For example ...22:14
ZipCPUI like to watch the statistics page.  Since their outage late summer, the statistics page has not been fully up.22:14
ZipCPUNow it's fully back up--graphs, charts, and all.22:14
juliusb_Ah right.22:56
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