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shornenice... with musl 1.1.16 (Result:  PASS)01:20
shornestekern: I have been thinking about this next patchset05:00
shornewill the spinlocks code get used on UP kernel?05:00
shornethe futex, bitps/atomic and cmpxchg I can see its getting tested05:01
shornebut it looks like spinlocks are specifically for SMP05:01
stekernshorne: no, spinlocks are just achieved by disabling interrupts on UP05:50
shorneok, ill exclude those patches from this series06:23
olofkshorne: Great to hear that you found a solution to the pthread stuff06:36
wallentoshorne: 0x4 is only a boot barrier10:20
wallentonormally that would be a pic, probably something we should get into the next arch rev10:21
wallentoby the way, stekern, olofk and shorne maybe a goal for ORCONF, to finish up the next rev with the work shorne has done10:21
stekernshorne: I'm fairly confident about the spinlocks code though, I've been testing it fairly extensively12:12
ZipCPU|LaptopI don't get it ... can someone explain to me why all of the OpenRISC instructions being with an "l.", as in "l.j" for jump, or "l.jalr"?16:09
shorneZipCPU|Laptop: l. are for the basic instructions16:40
shornelf.ftoi is for floating point16:41
shornel stands for something, I cant remember16:43
shornestekern: ok, Ill include it but mention its for smp prep, and will not really get used on uniprocessor systems16:45
shornewallento: I argee, I think having smp detail in the next arch revision would be good.  I am not sure what else(other than tls), but keeping it inline with the kernel would be good16:47
wallentoI remember address formation for 64bit seemed crucial16:59
shornewallento: is it captured under Proposals?  I see a lot of 64 bit requirements17:25
shorneI cant remember details on the address formation, also didn't think there were any 64bit implementations17:25
shornestekern: one other question I was meaning to ask, for your vga setup, did you ever use vgacon driver? or always fbcon?19:16
ZipCpushorne: Thanks.  If you can ever remember what "l." stands for, I'm all ears.20:04
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stekernshorne: I don't think I've ever used vgacon23:23
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