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shorneolofk_: thanks for the info.  As I work on these linux patches I need to work on commit logs, i.e. reasons why some of these drivers are needed.  I couldn't find the name 'ohs900' anywhere except the driver actually.03:30
shorneBut it looks like that one is the right core.03:31
wbxhi. any solution for this here:
wbxokay. found
wbxshorne: thx fixing stuff upstream.06:16
shornebtw, happy new year!17:10
shornewbx, yeah thats the fix, I can apply it to github openrisc/linux if needed17:12
shorneI was just concentrating on upstream though17:12
shornebut I think you woul only see if it building alldefconfig, usually I do defconfig17:13
shornestekern: I am trying to close this PR
shorneThe question is if anyone ever uses the vgacon driver with openrisc. I think usually we are using fbconsole17:34
shornenot the actual vgacon, I am 90% certain17:34
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