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shornestekern: Hi, I am sorting though patches for linux 4.11, there are still about 110 commits out of tree10:27
shorneI put together this spreadsheet ti categorize things (the wiki was not good enough)10:28
shorneII have marked in column H 4.11 for what I think could go10:28
shornebasically its everything except drivers and smp10:29
shorneI am thinking also the atomic implementations i.e. cmpxch, spinlocks, futex + swa/lwa emulation can go in 4.11 before smp, what do you think?10:31
shornestekern: also, the openriscc/linux/master branch has been merged several times which makes it a bit hard to collect the patches (hence I rebased on v4.9).  However, there were some conflicts around the atomic op implementations.10:40
stekernshorne: I take a closer look, but what does the color coding stand for?12:32
stekernshorne: looks good. I don't think the musl_defconfig change needs to be upstreamed though13:56
stekernand I agree that the atomic stuff can go in before SMP13:59
shornestekern: thanks for having a look.  The color coding is for changes that are related.17:55
shornei.e. all spi driver changes are the same color17:55
shorneall the atomic stuff is same color17:55
shornejust there to find related changes  more easy17:55
stekernyeah, I figured that out when I took a closer look ;)23:35
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