IRC logs for #openrisc Sunday, 2016-12-04

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shornehello, I am working on the gdb todo list10:17
shorneI documented the TODO items from Yao's mail on this twiki ^10:18
shorneAlso, I am pushing changes as I get them done to my branch here10:18
shorneIf anyone want to help with any of them, particularly the #10 and #14 about registers in the g/G packet10:20
bandvigshorne: hello. Even so I could not help with these items, I would like to add into TODO list support of double precision FP-instructions on 32-bit OR1K machines.11:13
bandvigI've made pull request with initial proposal for such support.11:13
shornebandvig: I agree with this, will have to take some time to look through it.  Have you confirmed with tests?19:18
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