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wbxshorne: i tested it, yes.04:31
wbxshorne: did you overwrite your local copy? checksum?04:31
wbxshorne: fc090018d5be008e86e12d09cc61de3c67f55170c6937f9857e8a0d0aa2cb919  /srv/www/
wbxroot@openadk:~ # echo $foo04:36
wbxecho $foo04:36
wbxfoo=Linux openadk 4.9.0-rc5-1+ #2 Fri Nov 18 06:56:05 CET 2016 openrisc GNU/Linux04:36
wallentoshorne: I will get my key signed today!06:55
olofk_wallento: Woohoo!!!06:59
shornewallento: cool, I will too on Sunday07:34
wallentoI hope we are safe then07:35
shorneour team should be pretty well connected after that07:35
shornewbx: yes, it works now, re-downloaded07:42
shornetrace looks better too, not sure what happened07:42
wbxshorne: is there a chance to get more then 32 MB ram in or1k-sim? when trying to run uClibc-ng-testsuite I need 64MB to have all the code in a initramfs+piggyback07:49
olofk_wbx: Just change it in the config file07:50
olofk_Set size = 0x04000000 in the memory section07:51
wbxolofk_: i try, thx.07:56
wbxolofk_: either kernel or sim ignores my wish08:28
olofk_wbx: If you're running linux you probably need to update the device tree too08:30
shornewbx: yes, as olofk_ says08:34
wbxah. okay.08:34
wbxgreat! works. first test suite run ever on or1k for me ;)08:53
wbxshorne,olofk_: thx08:54
wallentoshorne: We are in the Web of Trust!14:10
olofk_Good job wallento!14:51
olofk_How many beers did it cost you? :)14:51
-!- olofk_ is now known as olofk14:51
olofkJust wrote a handy script to run regression tests on the or1k-tests testsuite with FuseSoC17:20
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