IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2016-11-17

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wbxshorne: thx14:54
wbxshorne: after enabling CONFIG_OPENRISC_NO_SPR_SR_DSX everything works fine with the kernel from you. i can even bootup with mksh and uClibc-ng system. now i can run regular runtime tests. thank you very much for your assistence.14:56
wbxshorne: even qemu works now15:23
shornewbx: awesome, can you unpload an image? id like to see what it looks like17:15
wbxjust networking isn't working in qemu.17:57
-!- ZipCPU_ is now known as ZipCPU18:30
shornewbx: thanks, I dont run qemu, do you have one for or1ksim? dont worry if its too much trouble21:28
shorneI didnt reallize the simulators did not implement the NO_SPR_SR_DSX (exceptopn delay slot indicator)21:29
shorneI should have noticed that in the trace21:30
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