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wbxshorne: yes, that is what i see. but i can give you a better image04:24
wbxshorne: to see the mksh/strace issues and have a shell04:24
wbxshorne: , user: root pass: linux12305:39
wbxshorne: /mksh . but it seems an issue with the startup scripts. some internal ash/mksh functionality is causing the deadlock.05:40
wbxshorne: i try to find a small testcase05:44
wbxshorne: this is enough: foo=$(uname -r)06:22
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shornewbx: having another look07:10
shorneI can see it, but it seems its running ash right07:19
shorneit seems to just fail with "strace ls" too07:24
wbxand does foo=$(uname -r) in ash works for you?07:25
wbxi mean in your own image07:25
wbxshorne: thx for taking a look07:29
shornelet me try07:42
shorneyeah it works07:43
shorneecho $test07:45
wbxhmm, so what is the difference between my setup and yours. can you share your kernel .config?07:45
shorneLinux openrisc 4.9.0-rc5-smh-00009-g42c4fdd #249 Mon Nov 14 05:17:05 JST 2016 openrisc GNU/Linux07:45
shorneyou can pull my tag:
shornelet me post the config07:51
shornewallento: hello, I am thinking to start gdb upstreaming09:40
wallentohi, I like the idea09:40
wallentohow are we with tests?09:41
shornehow do you usually maintain the binutils-gdb/or1k branch? with rebase against upstream/master or something else?09:41
shornetests are the same as before09:41
shorneI think the hard part is going to be cleaning up the 52 or so patches and creating changelog edits09:42
shornejust confirming usually you rebase or1k against upstream/master09:43
shorneand then force push09:44
wallentoshorne, I moved this one forward with merges and did an occasional rebase of the pending commits onto the current master in a topical branch12:58
wbxshorne: do you seen this with your kernel: multiple definition of `__ksymtab_memset'13:48
wbxshorne: forget it, i think i used the wrong commit13:50
* wbx shouldn't hack with a heavy cold13:51
olofkshorne: Great job with the patches. Although I can't really comment on the technical stuff, I'm happy to give my blessing to patch 8 if that helps.15:26
shorneolofk: thanks on patch 8, if you and stekern want to reply with Acked-by: ... then I can add that to the final pull request17:55
shornewallento: thanks, thats what I tought17:56
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