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olofkWoohoo! Tomasulo :)=10:29
shorne_SMDhome: I am working on an update for posting architecture changes (markdown page pull request).  Needs a bit more work, but best to bring to the mailing list for now11:02
olofkshorne_: Cool11:02
-!- shorne_ is now known as shorne11:06
shorneolofk: did most of the work during the conference havent been able to really sit at the computer since I got back yet.11:07
shorneI also backed up the pages from media wiki (not history though). Anyone think we need the history?11:08
shorneWe can do history with, but not sure we need it all11:12
shornewell, I guess opencores is down again11:18
olofkshorne: That's great. History is lower priority. Most of the current stuff is probably considered history already :)11:19
shorneyeah, thats what I thought, aw man, just checking by backup, I forgot to specify 'raw'11:29
shornenext time it comes up I will backup again11:30
wallentoshorne: there is git mediawiki too11:41
wallentosorry, we started it at orconf but I didn't push :(11:41
shornewallento: you mean a backup?11:43
shorneoh, where is it?11:43
wallentoon my disk11:43
wallentosomewhere :)11:43
shorneah, ok11:43
wallentoI still need to find it11:43
wallentobut we had it on github last year or so11:44
wallentogit clone mediawiki::
wallentothats the command that fetches a mediawiki and puts the history into git commits11:44
wallentommh, cannot find the recent copy I made unfortunately11:46
wallentomaybe it didn't finish..11:46
shorneok cool, i didnt know hit had that support11:47
shornethis is probably recent enough11:47
wallentoyeah, I would think there is not much after that11:47
shorneit has architecture spec 1.111:48
wallentoI also don't know how a second fetch relates them11:48
wallentolike if they are compatible with the same root11:48
wallentoone of the things to try out11:48
wallentoyeah, it is around the time we started thinking about the fossi foundation11:48
wallentoI think there were some changes to the spec proposals I think11:49
shornethis page ( doesnt seen different from my last week copy11:50
wallentoeven better!11:52
olofkAnyone handy with Icarus step debugging?15:48
olofkGot some code that is just endlessly spinning, but I don't know where15:48
olofkFuck yeah! Got it15:50
kc5tjaIcarus has step debugging?  Had no idea.16:42
ZipCPUThis is just too good not to share:
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