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olofkLooks like Adapteva has taped-out the Epiphany V now03:04
_franck__A guide for anyone here: :)03:33
olofk_franck_: Oh, I'm totally an asshole developer :)04:15
olofkThink that every one of those statements applied to me04:16
olofkDon't know how many times I have pointed people asking for documentation to some mailing list archive post or a long reply to a bug report :)04:16
olofkSo....SORRY everyone04:16
olofkJust wrote a reply to an article that was about as long as the article itself :)
_franck__olofk: sorry if that slide make you face the reality :) I attended the conference and the speaker was so funny. Best quote is "TEST IS DOUBT". I'll remember this one.04:29
_franck__I don't think long answer are bad. I'll read yours04:29
shorneolofk: we hesitate to start documents because it requirest structure. which we already do in our programs06:00
shornedoing again and thinking of what our audience needs to know is a lot of work06:01
shornebut just answering questions is easy :)06:01
shorneI read your answer on FPGA tools and its good06:01
shorneI thought my flight leaves tomorrow afternoon, but its tonight in 5 hours!06:02
shorneneed to rush!06:02
stekernbetter to find out that now than tomorrow afternoon though ;)06:03
shorneyeah, tell me about it, luckily google now alerted me saying "weather in bologna"...06:05
shorneI thought, why is it telling me about weater... then ope to find "flight in 6 hours"...06:05
olofkshorne: Have a safe flight and see you soon06:35
shornethanks see you all soon06:49
olofkHuh... I had no idea about the verilog 'config' keyword09:05
olofkApparently it's possible to use libraries in Verilog. One of the top features I've been missing from VHDL09:06
olofkUnfortunately it seems to be mostly unusable from a quick read09:06
olofkSince you need to specify in the source code (what??) the path to the library source code09:06
olofkoh.. might might be wrong on that point09:07
olofkI'll take a closer look another day. I came across it when I saw that yosys listed it as not supported09:23
olofkSo it would probably not be portable across tools anyway09:23
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