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shornestekern: I remember you saying you were going to spend some time to pick out the commits we want to send upstream for linux...
shorneI took some time and documented here what I think that might be12:27
stekernnice one, I haven't got around to do that :(12:28
shorneCould you have a look at give any feedback? I did a git rebase to latest 4.8 of the ones I think are 'core' changes. It seems to work ok12:28
shornebut some questions which I put on the twiki12:28
shornei.e. would you want SMP to go upstream as is?12:29
shorneI need to sleep now, but any feedback (even just a few works to get me in the right direction) would be helpful12:29
stekernI'll try to take a look later tonight12:30
stekernI thought I upstreamed the ssm2602 stuff?12:30
stekernI think these ones are pretty critical ones that fixes some nasty bugs:
stekernSMP work probably needs some refactoring (in the commits if nothing else)13:54
stekernI did post parts of it to LKML (the atomic instructions parts), Alan Cox had some comments on it iirc13:55
shornestekern: thanks, I did find some stuff upstream, but didn't confirm everything. Ill revise17:16
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